First post and I should start by saying I’m happy you’re here. Whether you’re going to follow my blog simply out of curiosity or you’re going through a similar situation and are looking for some hope, welcome!

If you’re reading this, you probably already know a little about our story. My son Jedidiah (Jed) was born extremely premature at 24 weeks and 6 days. He came home roughly 2 months ago after a 110 day stay in the NICU. I’ve shared a lot of pictures on my Instagram/Facebook account through this journey but I’ve never really shared too many details of what occurred during our time in the NICU. I never shared details of the battles we faced daily and how we were coping with them. I decided to keep the details private while he was in the hospital as sharing them at that moment was more than I think I could handle. Now that he is home and thriving, I am ready to go back and relive our NICU stay. My reason? You.

To the mom who just had a micro-preemie baby, congratulations! You probably won’t hear those words too much, unfortunately, but you deserve to. You just gave birth to your baby– a little miracle baby! Is this how you envisioned it? I highly doubt it. But you are a mom nonetheless and a great one at that. Please, don’t forget that during this journey.

This blog is for you.

If you are anything like me, you are unfamiliar with what lies ahead. You’re suddenly in this world you know absolutely nothing about and are frightened of what’s to come. You’re eagerly searching the web, googling “micro-preemies,” “premature birth,” “what to expect in the NICU,” etc. I won’t tell you not to because I know you will anyway (I did– everyday). But I hope your faith is strong enough to take the things you will see/read online with a grain of salt. I pray you don’t let it instill fear in you and that you hang onto my blog for moments were you’re not sure how you’ll make it through the day.

My goal is to share our journey openly, honestly and without censorship. I wish to add normality and positivity to a situation that is exactly the opposite in most eyes. I want to show you in every post what our son endured in the NICU and where we are now. You need to see how far he’s come and that life after the NICU can be pretty normal. You need to see that although you may be going through the biggest challenge of your life, it is 100% rewarding when you get through it. You need to see that although you will never lose that “NICU mom” title (and proud!), you will be the mom you always envisioned yourself to be and more!

With love,

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