Free Fall Bucket List Template

Ever since Jed was born, we started making bucket lists for the holidays. These aren’t the type of bucket lists you might be used too. People usually make “before I die” bucket lists which are full of extreme and over the top things they wish to do or see during their time on earth. Our holiday bucket list is much simpler than that.

The idea is really to be intentional with your days and your time. It’s to have a reminder of all of the things you want to do with your family (or for yourself) during the holidays. It can be as simple as organizing your closet or as complicated as taking a 2 month vacation to the mountains (just be realistic hah). But this bucket list is your guide to really making the most out of the holidays.

I look at it on a daily basis and plan my week/weekends around it. Sometimes if I find myself with free time or looking for an activity, I say “hey, maybe there’s something I can do from the bucket list right now”! It’s been a beautiful thing for me and like last year, I wanted to share it with you all and encourage you to try making one.

I designed a new, really cute template for you to print out, totally free! Just download it below and tag me if you post it on Instagram so I can share and help motivate others!

Hope you all enjoy!

With love,


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