Jed’s Room + Storage Ideas

This blog has been a long time coming: Full tour of Jed’s bedroom (and revealing his new bed for the first time) along with some storage tips on how I keep his room organized.

Questions about Jed’s room and where I got certain things is easily in the top 3 most asked about topics on my Instagram. So I am putting everything here along with links to every item, at least the ones you can still find online!

It’s very important to note that Jed’s bedroom was once a den. We used it prior to getting pregnant as our office/creative space. This caused four “issues” with the room that were crucial in addressing:

  • His room has no windows which provides horrible lighting in the space (hence the quality of photos in here). Providing great lighting has helped brighten the space but it still does not compare to natural light that windows bring.
  • His room also does not have a closet. Making sure we had plenty of storage space to hold not only his toys but also his clothes, shoes, blankets, and everything else, was really important.
  • Since this was never supposed to be a bedroom, his room is pretty small (roughly 10’x9″ or 90 square feet). Because of this, it is extra important that everything in his room be practical and serve multiple functions when possible.
  • Finally, his room had no door. We had our friend who is a contractor help us add some drywall and install a pocket door (again, a space saving decision) to be able to officially call it a “bedroom”.

So here’s Jed’s new bed! I’ve been on my husband to make Jed a simple Montessori style teepee bed. Thankfully, he’s always willing to take on projects at home and go along with my crazy ideas! I’m soo happy with how it turned out and was incredible excited to get rid of the crib/toddler bed! The bed is still toddler bed size and uses the same matress as a crib!

Bed: Made by my husband

Mountain Wall Mural: Painted by my husband and I

Wall decor: Hobby Lobby (check your local store)

Fox Pillow: Target

“Hi” Pillow: Target but no longer online

Black and White Pillow: Ikea

Bed Sheets: Amazon

Blanket: Amazon

Rug: Target but no longer online (this Hobby Lobby one would look good though!)

Light Fixture: Ikea

Basketball Hoop: Amazon

Collapsible Storage Bin: Hobby Lobby

Next is Jed’s “reading nook”. I keep a lot of his books on these shelves and recently found this perfect toy storage box that also doubles as sitting area. It really is a life saver and stores a huge chunk of Jed’s toys. We also have Jed’s little “Lightning McQueen Mechanic Station” which I also use to store his smaller cars (he has a HUGE car collection).

Book Shelves: Ikea

Toy Storage Bench: Target

Black & White Pillow: Target

Shag Rug: Ikea

McQueen Mechanic Station: Disney

Jed’s dresser area is a busy one but like I mentioned earlier, we need all the space we can get. I use the dresser to store all of this basic necessities, clothes and blankets. These drawer compartment organizers were some of the best thing we bought for Jed’s nursery two years ago! Really makes all of the different in keeping things sectioned and neat. We also hung up some hooks to hang his hats and make use of the wall space!

Dresser: Target (no longer available but linked one with a similar look)

Wall Decor: Hobby Lobby (check your local store for options also)

Table Lamp: Hobby Lobby (not online, check local store)

Wall Hooks: Ikea

Drawer Organizers: Ikea (they have a few different sizes and styles)

Finally, Jed’s desk area and learning/crafting storage! This was another are where we really had to maximize storage and make sure everything was dual purpose. As an example, we have this cute little wooden crate tucked under his desk that looks like nothing but is really full of Jed’s shoes! The tall storage tower to the left also provides a home for the dozens of puzzles he has along with all of his arts and crafts and creative learning toys!

Desk: Ikea

Chair: Ikea

Storage tower: Ikea

Small wall shelves: Ikea

Mountain Wall Shelf: Etsy

Wooden Crate: Target (no longer online but linked a similar one)

Metal Fox Decor: Hobby Lobby

Okay that was a lot, ha! I hope I didn’t forget anything but if I did, please leave me a comment below or send me a message on Instagram and I’d be happy to help!

As you can tell, the way I am able to keep Jed’s room organized and neat is by finding ways to hide toys and clutter behind items that do not look like they are storing anything or that when they are closed, are simple and not busy. I think we often have this idea that kids furniture and storage needs to look childish. But it really doesn’t! Simple is the way to go! Toys and colors and other items will add enough chaos in a childs room. You can lessen the chaos with simple furniture and neutral colors that serve multiple functions.

Hope this was helpful!

With love,

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