Spring Decor & Birdhouse DIY

Its the first day of Spring next week so you know what time it is: Redecorating time! I use that word loosely because in reality I don’t spend much to make my house “springy.” If you like to change your home’s feel every season like me, you can definitely do it without breaking the bank every time– a $100 budget will suffice!

So what do I do to make my house have a more spring feel but still stay in budget? Here are my tips:

1. Always start with a neutral base. I like to keep the big pieces of furniture in my house neutral. As an example, a grey couch, wood or white coffee table, and a beige/grey rug provides a clean slate for seasonal decorations to really pop.

2. Decorative Pillows. The easiest way to change the vibe in your space is to change up the pillows on your couch. Pillows can be expensive and start at about $20 each, but if you have a few neutral ones always handy (grey, white, beige) then 2 to 4 pillows in a Spring color will be more than enough! I always have 6 pillows on my couch for example and only had to buy 2 new ones this time.

3. Throw for your couch. Another great way to add in the seasonal colors is by changing your throw. I didn’t buy a new one this time because I had a neutral/beige one from fall that worked well. But another $20 towards a nice seasonal throw makes a big difference.

4. Simple, inexpensive banners and decorative accents. Target is your friend when it comes to this, especially the value section at the entrance. I like to add banners/bunting, frames and vases that go well with the season. You can hang banners anywhere in your house that add a touch of spring and make all the difference.

My last tip is to get creative, especially if you have kids. Spend time on an arts-and-crafts project that pertains to the season/holiday and can then be utilized (and saved for later) to decorate the house. Dual purpose activity!

Here is all you need to do this fun activity at home with your little ones (or even by yourself or with some girlfriends). It’s super easy, inexpensive and allows you to get creative while making something for your home. I love how ours turned out and it’s pretty easy, I think, to guess which one Jed did! Ha!

  • Bird House(s) – Mine were each $1 at Michael’s
  • Paint – Chose pastel spring colors, as many as you want
  • Brushes – Cheap brushes are perfect. I used a fatter, toddler brush for Jed
  • Paper plates – For paint
  • Garbage bag(s) – I cut these open and tape them to the floor to let Jed paint freely but also avoid a huge mess
  • Felt – Not needed but I wanted to add some fun little felt banners
  • (** You can also use glitter, construction paper, stickers, or any other material to enhance your houses!

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  1. Jeffrey Martin March 16, 2019 at 2:22 pm

    This is awesome!

  2. Bea March 17, 2019 at 12:35 pm

    I love this !!! Thank you for the tips and ideas ! Love your blog!

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