Thankful For Instagram Template

With Thanksgiving coming up, I had it on my bucket list to complete as many “Thankful For” days as I could in the month of November. I wanted to take a chance daily to reflect on a different thing I am grateful for, things we often take for granted or don’t take a moment to recognize as a blessing. It is also Prematurity Awareness month, which gives me a whole new set of reasons to give thanks.

We so often get caught up in everything we don’t have that we forget all we do have. We compare our lives to those of people we see online or in magazines and fall into the “why can’t that be me” slump. But this is a reminder that you are EXACTLY where you need to be and your life is precious. Comparison will steal your joy.

I hope you feel encouraged to join me this month and spreading a little gratitude by reminding yourself all that you have in your life to give thanks for. Count your blessings!

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