The Silver Lining

If I really stop and think about defining moments in my life, ones that have completely changed my perspective, I can think of three. These three have solidly reshaped my outlook on how to live and approach my day to day.

The first of those three is when I accepted Jesus into my life at 17 years old. The second is when I became a mom. The third was Jed’s entire NICU journey.

As weird as this sounds, the NICU journey impacted me before becoming a mom. Understand that although I gave birth and did have this immediate “protective” nature over my son, I didn’t really get to be his mom until much later. I didnt experience the sleepless nights and waking up to feed him every 2 hours until three and a half months after he was born. My introduction to motherhood was entirely inside the NICU, feeling the helplessness of not being able to do anything for my son but pray for him, be by his side and advocate for him.

But friends, God always uses everything for good. Something magical happened to me during this journey that impacted my entire future and honestly, I don’t think I would have ever found it if it weren’t for what we experienced: I developed a certain fearlessness that I am eternally grateful for.

My perspective on life and what’s truly important did a 180° –and I’m not just saying that.

Being so close to losing my son was the absolute scariest thing I have ever gone through and yet, it was the most transforming. My new outlook: “If we could get through that, what COULDN’T we get through?” All of the sudden, any potential problem seemed so insignificant.

I found this new boldness within myself to pursue everything I always wanted to do but feared. The thought of failure no longer scared me. My priorities completely shifted and I wanted to spend time with my family more than anything. I began to really feel that no matter how much I would work in life and how much I could earn, the only way I would truly feel fulfilled was by investing more quality time into my family. This isn’t to bash anyone and your lifestyle. I’m just sharing the change that happened in my own heart.

Jed inspired me to blog. He inspired me to open my side businesses. He inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and live my life daily in gratitude. Jed inspired me to turn the mundane moments into magic and appreciate the inbetweens. Life is a constant party and I wake up every morning with a million reasons to celebrate it.

As difficult as it is to see the light at the end of that tunnel when you’re going through tough times, I really do feel in my heart that there is always a silver lining. As my pastor recently said, “There is a reason for your season and a purpose for your pain.” Transformation happens under pressure. You’ve got to get uncomfortable to break out of your comfort zone.

Beyond your own personal growth, sometimes the silver lining is the mark you make on someone else. I follow so many people on social media who have gone through things I could never fathom going through. You might be thinking, “how could there be any good in what they went through?” And you’re right, maybe the heartbreak that came from that situation will never go away. But for the person reading on the other end who is facing something similar, you might be their silver lining and the reason they say, “they got through it and so can I”.

So here is a big thank you to everyone who has impacted my life and has inspired me to be better and chase my dreams– especially you, Jed.

With love,

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