What’s on Jed’s Fall Bookshelf

Jed is a lover of books and as a parent, this just makes my heart really happy. He’s probably got around 100 books and honestly makes us read him about 5 to 10 per day. When I saw how much he loved books, I really wanted to continue encouraging him with new ones and different options.

Last year, I started a holiday book collection for Jed. As of right now, it’s only fall and Christmas but I hope to get a good Easter/Spring one going and maybe even a summer batch! This is an easy way to keep rotating books as they get bored of their selection and also bring a little holiday spirit into their lives (and their rooms)!

Sharing below whats currently on Jed’s shelf. I hope to add a few more fall and Halloween books. But as you can tell, not all of the books are spooky or autumn. Wanted to make sure he had diversity in his selection as well and wasn’t forced to only read about pumpkins and ghosts for 2 months, heh. Also, if you want to browse my entire collection of fall books I love, you can check out my Amazon store here.

1 E.T. The Extra – Terrestrial | 2 They All Saw A Cat | 3 All Aboard National Parks | 4 Bonaparte Falls Apart | 5 There’s No Place Like Space | 6 Triangle | 7 Stephen Hawking (Little People Big Dreams) | 8 Itsy Bitsy Spider | 9 The Little Engine That Could | 10 National Parks of the U.S.A. | 11 Sir Simon | 12 Dear Boy | 13 Press Here | 14 Where the Wild Things Are | 15 That’s What Dinosaurs Do

Going to do my best to keep sharing Jed’s bookshelf on here for you guys. I know books can get pricey so even adding 2 or 3 to your collection every year is awesome! Don’t feel pressured to spend tons of money on 20 books. And if you don’t have it in your budget to get any new books right now, libraries are a wonderful resource as well as just sitting at your local book store for a few hours and reading to your little ones there.

Hoping this adds a little magic to your fall!

With love,


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